Professor Says Aliens Are Abducting And Breeding With Humans

Look, I've warned earthlings (via WHO Radio) for a LONG time that we need to stop sending signals into space to alert aliens of our existence. We all loved the movie, "E.T.," but I don't think we should assume these potential invaders are FRIENDLY.

An instructor at England's prestigious Oxford University not only disagrees with me on the "hostile part," he says the space aliens are already here. In fact, they are abducting and breeding with people.

Why? THAT'S the part that is hard to believe.

Young-hae Chi says the interstellar match-making is aimed at creating human-alien hybrids as a hedge against climate change. Chi says reports of alien abductions have been increasing for several decades. The instructor who teaches Korean at Oxford bases his claims on the work of retired Temple University historianDavid Jacobs.

Jacobs has published several books on the study of UFOs and he runs something called the International Center for Abduction Research.

Yes, the folks promoting the idea that man is killing the planet through climate change are willing to make any argument. You may have heard about the "style" changes at left-wing UK newspaper, The Guardian. This is how reporters are now to refer to aspects of the climate change debate (well, they no longer think it IS a debate) in articles:

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