Yes, Jeopardy's Ratings Are Skyrocketing During Current Win Streak

You count on certain shows to always be on your television - like an old friend. The Price Is Right, The Simpsons, and Jeopardy! among them. These shows have steady and faithful audiences. But, as you can imagine, talk of a winning streak on Jeopardy! has got its ratings jumping.

And as James Holzhauer's “Jeopardy!” winning streak continues, the show's viewership skyrockets.

The professional sports gambler from Las Vegas has surpassed 30 straight wins. As it stands now, he's less than 200-thousand dollars shy of “Jeopardy!” legend Ken Jennings record earnings. Jennings took home just over two and a half million over 74 games back in 2004. So far, Holzhauer has put just over two point three million bucks in his pocket.

While the action is happening on screen, the ratings have seen a 14 year high. When the streak was put on hiatus to feature a teacher’s tournament, the ratings dropped. Now that James is back, the numbers are again bumping up.

People love to root for a potential record breaker. And, as "The Price Is Right" has proven, we don't mind seeing other folks win big prizes.

As you've heard us discuss on Van & Bonnie, future Jeopardy! contestants will probably use Holzhauer as a model. Yes, you must have the knowledge - but he also has a strategy. He picks the big dollar answers FIRST - and he is VERY quick on the buzzer. He doesn't answer if he's not sure (you lose money when you are wrong). And he's calculating in his head how much he can wager.


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