Say Goodbye To iTunes! Big Apple Changes Planned

My wife convinced me to become an Apple fan. As computers were incorporated into my daily work life, I became comfortable with PCs. While my wife adopted Apple products, I was very reluctant to move away from the hardware - and software - to which I'd become accustomed. But because Boo was such a fan - she found all the products much more intuitive - I eventually began to switch over to Apple products.

And I like them. I've got an iPad, MacBook Air, and Apple watch. So when Apple announces its annual "upgrades" to products, I join millions of Americans in tuning in.

We'll talk about what we know on the show, but it FEELS like this year's announced changes (at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose), are bigger and more plentiful than ever.

The biggest news is that the rumor that iTunes is retiring was confirmed. Music, TV, podcasts and other features that iTunes bundled will be stand-alone apps in the near future. What will happen to your existing content? We don’t know yet, but hopefully Apple considers that during the switch over.

Also announced: a new operating system for the iPhone. It will feature a dark mode that's supposed to be easier on the eyes. Siri gets an upgrade, too. The voice will sound more natural and work better with Apple products when it comes texting, phone calls, sharing content with friends.

Other updates include Apple TV for the Mac. The streaming service will join Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in featuring movies, TV shows, and original programming. Apple Watches will feature more apps, command options, and the ability to record voice memos. The iPad will have its own operating system and unique features like Apple Pencil for drawing and note taking. Privacy measures that block third party apps from tracking you will also be integrated in Apple's email and when users log into apps or websites.

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