Beyond Food Delivery: New Restaurant Will FEED You

I blogged earlier this week that I feel a LITTLE guilty when having food delivered. It's a LITTLE lazy. But then I eat it and the guilty just melts away.....

But I'm not sure I'm THIS lazy.

The "Hands Off!" pop up restaurant in London offers customers the chance to be fed instead of feeding themselves. That’s right, waiters will feed diners their food using chopsticks, and they’ll also raise glasses to patrons’ mouths so they don’t have to lift their cups themselves.

And the meal sounds quite tasty too. Lazy customers will be fed a tasting menu that includes Nippon 'mock' duck, a selection of Japanese nigiri, salmon, tuna, and vegetarian rolls. There’s also dessert, including a Japanese rice cake in chocolate and strawberry cheesecake flavors.

While the concept may sound crazy, it’s actually being launched for a good cause thanks to restaurant discount membership club Tastecard and the sushi restaurant Feng Shui. Hands Off! is set to open June 11th and will only be in business for four dates. Customers will have to reserve their $25 tickets in advance, with all the proceeds going to Mary's Meals, a charity providing school meals to some of the world’s poorest children.

I wonder if it will cost extra to have the server make airplane noises as the food approached your mouth???

Source: Insider

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