Omaha police concerned about juvenile carjackings

Omaha, NE - Juvenile carjackings are on the rise in Omaha, and law enforcement officials wonder if enough is being done about the problem. Investigators say numerous teens have been arrested in just a few days.

One official points out the minors arrested often spend little time in the youth center.

"We have seen these juveniles that we book into the youth center for felony crimes are walking out the youth center with sometimes less than 24 hours," says Omaha Police Officers Association President Anthony Conner.

A mother and her baby were carjacked at gunpoint recently.

In another case, two teens arrested for carjacking were released in less than 24 hours.

A third suspect was arrested on a felony warrant and then released after three hours.

"The nature of the crime itself is so violent here, I think ultimately we should wait until a detention hearing and make the judge make the determination whether they are detained or not in the juvenile detention center." says Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

Right now probation officers decide if a juvenile is detained or not prior to a judge's hearing.

Kleine tells 6 News juvenile offenders often commit more serious crimes as they get older.

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