Quad Cities business re-opens after flooding

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Another Quad Cities area business re-opens following flooding along the Mississippi River.

Bootleg Hill Honey Meads was flooded on April 30th when water came flowing in.

"About four inches on this floor. But our whole basement was flooded. So really it was like twelve feet under there and four inches here," said owner Rick Harris

He says water on the main floor was pushed into the basement and then pumped out.

The flooding took a financial toll on the business.

"The other thing it was hard on was our business stopped. So to have a business one day and then the next day to have it end, or interrupted, have zero income coming in is really difficult," Harris said.

Harris tells KWQC TV 6 he hopes the City of Davenport will offer assistance and that he also hopes other businesses in the area will re-open as well.


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