Wrapping up Tractorcade 2019

It was a big on the, shall we say, soggy side which, given the way the spring has gone weather-wise, probably isn't surprising. That means, get out the towels to wipe things down before heading out:

The first three groups left in the rain:

Tcade Final

To say it's a big deal when Tractorcade comes to town is an understatement:

You can tell it's a bit wet when the biggest crowd is to be found is inside:

Now, what Scott Franzen is doing sitting down on the job is an open questions and if you see him it's probably worth asking about. Once the riders traveled to Brighton for the morning pit stop, it was trailer time:

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy in a lot of spots:

To make things official, Bob and Andy signed the commemorative hat and just like that, Tractorcade 2019 is in the books:

A big thank you to everyone from law enforcement, local groups and leaders, sponsors, riders and every single person who pitched in to help make the 20th Anniversary of the Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade possible. Have a safe trip home, and we'll see you next year!

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