Brother Of Barbara Corcoran Died In A Dominican Republic Hotel Too

Earlier this week, you heard my conversation with reporter Bill Zimpfer about a string of mysterious deaths at hotels in the Dominican Republic. Is the media just reporting a series of coincidental deaths as something sinister, or is something else actually going on? After all, Bill reported, 2 million Americans visit the Dominican Republic each year.

Now add this mystery to the list...

Barbara Corcoran hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the iHeartRadio platform AND, of course, she's a judge on Shark Tank. Turns out her brother, Jonathan, died in April in a Dominican Republic hotel room of a suspected heart attack. She told TMZ that her brother, from their home state of new Jersey, had gone to the DR with a friend on an annual vacation then died. She told them that she wasn’t aware if an autopsy had been done.

Corcoran’s assistant confirmed the information to Fox News and noted "He loved and frequently visited the Dominican Republic. Barbara would like to respect the privacy of his children and is not releasing any other information at this time."

Meanwhile, a rash of new stories from travelers who got severely ill on their trips to the Dominican Republic are being shared.

Source:Fox News

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