Everyday Tasks Nobody Must Do Anymore

Have you seen the video above with the teenagers trying to dial a rotary phone correctly? I was reminded of the video when I saw that "USA Today" is reminiscing about some every day tasks nobody does any more thanks to the aid of technology.

Everyday tasks nobody does anymore include:

  • Memorize a phone number
  • Use a phone book to find a company to do work around your house
  • Figure out math in your head
  • Tell time by hands on a clock
  • Make photo albums
  • Have a CD or record collection
  • Call a theater to get movie times
  • Record your favorite programs on tape
  • Watch shows when they are broadcast live
  • Run to the store for a last-minute gift
  • Looking up the spelling of words in the dictionary
  • Use a phone booth to make a call
  • Carry cash

Source:USA Today

The memory of recording shows on tape reminded me of recording hours of MTV in the 80s on VHS. I noticed that a lot of people are now posting those hours on YouTube. Which means that I am using technology to reminisce about recording things on tape. *sigh*

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