This Is America's Favorite Vegetable

Well, I've blogged about my increasing love of vegetables this week, plus interviewed a dietitian about "clean" eating and talked with Chopped judge Marc Murphy about his new podcast, Food 360. So maybe it's appropriate to end the week revealing America's favorite vegetable.

It seems most of America is in agreement as to the best one out there.

Green Giant polled 5,000 Americans about their love of vegetables, with broccoli the overwhelming favorite for a second year in a row. How much do we love broccoli? Well, it is the top veggie in 39 out of 50 states.

Coming in second is corn, a favorite in six states, while two veggies earned favorite status for the very first time, cauliflower, Montana’s favorite veggie, and asparagus, a favorite of Alaska.

As for veggies losing their appeal, potatoes seem to be on the decline, with only one state, Arkansas, choosing it as a favorite, down from five last year, while cucumber isn’t anyone’s fave, despite New Mexico and Louisiana choosing it as their favorite in 2018.

And, yes, Iowa is in agreement with the rest of the country: broccoli is our state's favorite vegetable. As long as there is ranch. Always ranch.

Actually, I just roasted broccoli in the oven this week. Put them on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, hit 'em with some kosher salt and some pepper and bake. Nom. Nom.

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