Celebrating a Tractor Ride legend

Over the years, Skip Sagar with Titan Tire has been more than just a good friend, constant presence and ball of energy on Tractor Ride. He genuinely has put A LOT of effort into making sure it is enjoyable experience for all riders out of a sincere love for people. Which all of us will certainly miss after he retires next week:

Which called for a celebration:

That wouldn't be complete without a thoughtful gift:

Although we highly doubt Skip will ever be happy sitting in a rocking chair taking it easy, he certainly has earned the privilege. To honor his long track record of success, a few people showed up to surprise him including his daughter Rachel:

Plus his wife Denise, with our General Manager Joel McCrea:

Words can't express our sincere gratitude, thanks, and appreciation for the work Skip has put in for along time to make Tractor Ride what it is today. This isn't us just saying it buddy, you've earned every bit of this recognition. Congratulations on a wonderful career, and a genuine thank you for allowing us to work side by side on this and several other great initiatives. We'll miss you, but know you deserve this next chapter of life!

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