Warning: Manure Spontaneously Igniting In Spain

Des Moines was under a heat warning this past weekend. Boo and I can testify that it was HOT. We went to the Des Moines Arts Festival both Friday and Saturday. The heat and humidity were high and we made sure to hydrate - in fact, most of the people we saw were doing what we were doing - carrying a water bottle. Heat aside, we had a great time both days. And...usually we go all three days. However, we had to admit on Sunday that our legs were very fatigued from the previous two days and we decided to stay closer to home and enjoy a local restaurant. Then - back to the a/c at the Angelo hacienda for the remainder of the day.

And we weren't the only area enduring extreme heat. In Spain...well, it sounds like the punchline of a bad joke. HOW HOT WAS IT? It was so hot that poop was igniting.

In Spain manure reportedly self-ignited and caused a major wildfire.

Europe is currently under an intense heat wave and firefighters in Spain are battling a 10-thousand acre wildfire in north-east part of the country due to the temperatures.

Authorities said an "improperly managed" pile of manure self-combusted due to the intense heat. So far, the fire still hasn't been contained and about 50 people have been evacuated.

I realize that farmers know that improperly managed manure can, if fact, ignite - but you rarely see it in the news.

Source: Business Insider

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