DMPD: Armed father stops fugitive from stealing car with son inside

DES MOINES, Iowa - A fugitive tries to steal a truck with a 10-year-old boy inside, but the father comes to the rescue.

Des Moines police say Brad Ratkovich and his son were about to go on a fishing trip when he found fugitive Steven Six trying to get into his pickup.

But Ratkovich's son was already inside the truck.

"It looked like Mr. Six was trying to steal this truck. I don't think he was aware there was as child inside there," said Des Moines Sergeant Paul Parizek.

A police report says Ratkovich pulled his gun in his driveway and stopped Six, holding him there until police arrived.

After Six was taken to jail, the father and son went fishing.

Six had been wanted on a work release violation.

"I think when most of these folks that are on these restrictions walk away from a work release program and their on violation they know full well they're going to get caught at some point in time," said Parizek.

A neighbor watched from nearby and took Ratkovich's son to safety before police arrived.

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