Would You Go To Burger King For A Taco?

I get it...fast food places are diversifying. By offering more, you can make more people in your group happy. So if you head to Burger King with co-workers and someone doesn't want burgers...they can now get a taco. Huh?

Am I being weird here? I still go to places for the THING they are good at preparing. If I want a burger, I go to Angry Goldfish. If I want a taco, I go to Tasty Tacos. If I want a pizza, I like Fong's or Mad Meatball. I DON'T go to Tasty Tacos looking for burgers.

Apparently Burger King tested out the tacos in western states and it was a hit. They cost a dollar in most places and will only be available for a limited time.

It seems, though that social media is being critical of the move. Twitter users mostly posted to suggest they bail on the tacos now and stick to cooking burgers.

Yeah, that doesn't look good. I worry that the cooks know how to cook BURGERS, not tacos.

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