Heatwave continues for Des Moines Metro

DES MOINES, Iowa - A heatwave continues for the Des Moines Metro area and much of Iowa. We could see a heat index in the mid-90s today.

"So we do have dew points approaching 70 this afternoon and that will help, combined with the temperatures as well, help push heat index values to around 95 by this afternoon," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Rod Donavon.

It looks like the heat will be lingering for awhile.

"End of the week, especially going into next weekend, it's still looking a little more uncertain where we may get some thunderstorms and possibly a boundary moving through. So, at this time it certainly looks like the heatwave is expected to go through the rest of the week."

Donavon tells WHO Radio News the heat index could reach 100 degrees by the weekend.

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