How Often Do Americans Think About Sex?

When you follow my social feed over the weekend, you will see a lot of pictures of me enjoying all the events and fun that Central Iowa has to offer. Sometimes, when I check my social media feed, I find people sending me articles or commenting on the terribleness of "duh liberalz." I think - man, it's the weekend - go out AND HAVE SOME FUN.

I think I've now located the problem with America. We're spending too much time hating on our political opponents and not enough time thinking about sex.

Most people think about sex eight times a day, leading to them talking about it five times a day. Man, that seems low. But then I think - maybe social media is creating a world in which we think too much about politics and NOT enough about sex.

Why do people TALK about sex?

54% of people say they do it in order to get advice on sex. The most common source of advice for people is to discuss it with their significant other or spouse (47%,) followed by reaching out to friends (45%). Other ways to get sex advice include:

Reading articles online (43%)

Browsing through a sex-positive magazine (35%)

Engaging in forums on the internet (35%)

The most common person to share sex talk: a partner/significant other/spouse (61%), followed by best friend (60%).Other people folks are comfortable talking about sex with include:

  • Friends (40%)
  • Co-workers (28%)
  • Roommates (26%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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