Guy Who Trapped Alligator Throws Out First Pitch At Cubs Game

In 2001, it was the "summer of the shark." That's when the television networks couldn't get enough of shark bite stories and it made viewers like me feel as if there was full-on shark rebellion going on. Turns out, the number of shark bites that year was pretty much the same as any's just that networks and viewers couldn't get enough of shark bite stories.

I think the summer of 2019 is turning out to be the summer of the gator. Since I love gators, this is fine. Except for meth-fueled gators, that is.

Yep, just days after police in Tennessee asked druggies NOT to flush their meth because the drugs might reach the Tennessee River and get absorbed by gators....a guy who caught a gator in Chicago was "honored" at a ball game.

And if catching alligators doesn't pay the bills for Frank Robb, he may just find himself in the Cubs' bullpen.

Robb, who came to Chicago Sunday from St. Augustine, Florida just to catch an alligator, threw a first-pitch strike at Wrigley Field. Robb caught an elusive gator Tuesday in the Humboldt Park lagoon after a 30 hour attempt. The gator, named "Chance the Snapper" (in tribute to Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper), is a male measuring more than five feet and weighing 40 pounds.

Officials are now looking for a home for Chance. I'd consider it...if he's not on meth.

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