The Minnesota State Fair Has A Donut Controversy

As you heard on WHO Radio - and saw live-streamed on Facebook, I was on judge for the Iowa State Fair New Foods contest. There was no controversy - except in my stomach afterward.

The Minnesota State Fair, just like the Iowa State Fair, likes to introduce and announce new fair foods each year. But a new donut announced by the Minnesota fair has been pulled after controversy.

This year, the Minnesota State Fair planned to introduce injectable doughnuts, which would come with three plastic syringes used to squirt fillings like Bavarian cream and chocolate custard into the sweets.

But after the The Wingwalker Doughnut Flight dessert was announced, there was a flood of backlash because of the environmental impact and the message it conveyed that syringes contain treats. People also complained about the waste three syringes times thousands of orders a day would create, with a Minneapolis resident starting an online petition to protest the dessert.

He and others also felt the use of syringes promotes the wrong message. So as a result of the controversy, the fair is pulling them and replacing them with doughnuts you can “dunk” in fillings instead. They even took it a step further, replacing food containers with compostable products and swapping plastic utensils for wood.


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