Crazy Things That Servers Have Seen Customers Do

As you've heard on the radio show, Boo and I love to go to the many great Iowa restaurants. Naturally, if you going to spend a lot of time in these places, you going to see some crazy behavior. I guess my craziest experience was with one of those "fake" service animals. You'll recall that it led to a rant on the air and we've covered the topic since that time. A couple brought a dog with an obviously fake service animal patch on its collar and the dog lunged and barked at uncomfortable restaurant customers who were JUST TRYING TO ENJOY THEIR LUNCH.

It makes sense, though, that the people who see the CRAZIEST behavior are servers.

Buzzfeed asked its community to share the most ridiculous thing they’ve seen a customer do and their answers do not disappoint.

  • Changing their baby’s diaper on the table- And what’s worse? Their food was also on the table at the “very small, but relatively upscale restaurant.”
  • Watching porn at the table- The server who caught them says it was “easily the fastest I’ve ever left a table.”
  • Washing cats in the bathroom sink- A customer came in with a shopping cart, ordered a tea, and headed to the bathroom. The boss had seen it before and said, “Not this again!” So they went to the restroom and sure enough, the man was washing his cats in the sink!
  • Putting bare feet on the table- One customer took his shoes and socks off and plopped his bare feet on the table, then acted like the server was “the irrational one” for asking him to move his feet and put his shoes back on.
  • Blowing their nose into a clean tablecloth- Then walking away like nothing happened.
  • Eating salad with bare hands- A server who spotted a man eating a huge bowl of salad with his bare hands was so shocked, he thought he was being “Punk’d.”
  • Taking a to-go box for food they puked on- One server waited on a woman who vomited into her bowl of spaghetti at the table and then asked for a box to take it home.


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