Here's The Menu At The Taco Bell Hotel

It occurs to me that the words "viral" and "food" should NOT be in the sentence.

But when the sentence involves a "viral" marketing campaign for food...well, that's something different and special.

I love food. I love clever marketing campaigns that go viral. Voila! Here's the pop-up Taco Bell hotel and now we know what's on the menu.

Taco Bell’s pop-up hotel and resort, The Bell, officially opens for guests on August 8th, but they’re sharing some details about what they’ll be serving there. The menu looks a little different than what Taco Bell regulars are used to, including dishes like egg-topped nachos and avocado toast along with tacos and Crunchwraps.

First up is The Baja Blast Birthday Freeze, which celebrates the cult-favorite drink’s 15th anniversary. Taco Bell hasn’t said how this one’s different than its regular Baja Blasts, but the cup does appear to be covered in festive sprinkles.

As for the food, there’s the Toasted Cheddar Club sandwich with crispy chicken, jalapeño bacon, avocado, cheddar, lettuce and tomato, which comes with fries - Nacho Fries! Along with their Avocado Toast-adas, the menu also includes Fire Chip Chilaquiles, which is fire tortilla chips covered in salsa, Mexican crema, queso fresco, pico, and a fried egg. And you can’t get that at your local drive-thru.


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