More fair fun at the Fayette County Fair

County fair season continues across Iowa so Andy headed off for some Big Show fun at one of the oldest county fair's, the 168th Fayette County Fair:

Visitors are greeted by the wonderful flag display:

They've done a great job sprucing things up the past several years:

One of the things going on today is the bucket bottle show:

It's also dairy show day:

Kevin Conors is the Fair Board President, and he says over a half million dollars has been raised in community donations the past few years to help with sort of a re-birth of the fair and enthusiasm has never been higher:

The Fayette County Fair Queen is Ryin Lehmann:

Justin got the judge the cinnamon role contest with 24 entries:

The Fayette County Fair continues through Saturday with the demolitions derby tonight and a Hairball concert tomorrow, and you can find full details here.

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