Move Halloween? There's A Petition!

When I moved to Iowa from Missouri (in 1991), one of the first things I found VERY different was the fact that most Iowa communities celebrate "Beggars' Night" on nights other than Halloween. And those dates might change from year-to-year.

So Iowans may have an EASIER time adjusting to Halloween being held on a different date each year. But the reason that supporters want to change the date are similar to why Iowans implemented Beggars' Nights: safety.

A petition to move Halloween is nearing its goal of 75-thousand signatures.

More than 66-thousand people have now signed to move Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday of the month. The Halloween and Costume Association, which started the petition, says with 38-hundred injuries each year, it could be safer for children to trick-or-treat on a weekend.

The petition also lists safety tips for parents and partiers. If it hits 75-thousand signatures, will President Trump take a look? We’ll see.

Source:USA Today

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