Happy Shark Week!

It wouldn't be summer in America without the Discovery Channel's “Shark Week.”

It started last night and continues through August 3rd. You'll be able to get your fill of all things shark. In that time, more than 20 hours of original programming, which includes Shaq swimming with the ocean predators, will keep viewers glued to the screen.

In addition to all of the documentaries set to air, this year “Shark Week” is rolling out its first-ever original movie. “Capsized: Blood in the Water” stars Josh Duhamel, Tyler Blackburn and Beau Garrett.

The 31styear of the special week does have some critics doubling down on the fact that most of the programming is more “sensational” and not very science centered.

Of course, in this age of social media, you can always find criticism. I am "all-in" for Shark Week.

On Sunday night, I watched the Shaq program which was hosted by comedian Rob Riggle. While Shaq was charming, the follow-up program with Riggle, called, "Eat Prey Chum," was hilarious. Riggle takes a group of his comedian friends out to try to tag a shark. I got the feeling a lot of the dialogue was improvised and it was great.

In between THOSE shows, another program explored why the giant 60-foot long shark called the megalodon (or "MEG" for short) went extinct. I suspect aliens, but that theory was NOT explored. However, a GIANT tooth was displayed and other cool sharks featured. I won't spoil the theory as to why the MEG is no longer with us, but, much like the dinosaurs, it is fascinating to speculate how such a fearsome creature could not survive.

Source:NBC News

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