Most People Aren't Washing Their Face Correctly

I once watched an interview with actor Pierce Brosnan in which he was asked by the host how he maintained such a youthful looking, handsome face. He replied that his wife encourages him to moisturize his face every day.

Soon after that interview, my wife asked me if I would try a face moisturizer. I figured she'd appreciate growing older with a guy who looks like Pierce Brosnan, so I agreed.

In all seriousness, if I weren't constantly trying to impress my girl, I might not wash my face as much as I do. But now I am worried that I am doing it wrong.

A poll for CeraVe found that most people don’t wash their face at night, which is essential after all the dirt that collects through the day.

Most people also don’t know what to wash with, and that’s a big part of the problem. Bar soap is used by 44-percent of people while 36-percent use hand soap.

Here are the biggest reveals of the study:

  • Hot water is bad for the skin, but 41-percent of us wash our face with it instead of luke warm water
  • 39-percent skip face washing after a workout
  • 38-percent don’t use shaving cream on their face
  • 47-percent fall asleep with makeup on
  • 53-percent have no idea what product to clean their face with

Source:New York Post

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