Workers Would Give Up Vacation For Money

Would you give up ALL your vacation time for more pay? A new survey seems to indicate that's true. You know me - I think that is crazy talk.

First, I LOVE to travel. It's one of the great joys of my life. I am glad to work hard for my money, but the money is for VACATION.

Second, EVERYONE needs a break. It's not healthy to work year-round. We talk sometimes on the show about the problems of burn-out and depression. Guess what? A higher paycheck won't cure that.

A new Allianz Insurance survey finds that 49% of Americans would gladly take a job with no vacation time if means getting a higher salary. Of course, that salary increase better be a good one for folks to forgo time off. In fact, the average American says they’d need a 48% increase in salary to give up their vacation time, although 20% would do it for just 24%. And then there are the people who really need to be compensated, with 16% saying they’d only take the offer if it doubled their salary.

But there are plenty of people who value days off more than money. The poll finds that 34% of Americans would actually give up some of their salary if it meant getting unlimited vacation time. As for how much money they’d give up, the average person would forgo 26% of their salary for unlimited vacations. And it seems some people don’t have to do that, since 10% of people say they already have unlimited vacation time.

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