NERD ALERT: Dungeons And Dragon Movie, Classic Nintendo Game Brings Ca$h

Every once in a while, my "inner nerd" surfaces on the radio show. So allow me to "nerd out" with this latest news over a dungeons & dragon movie and a classic Nintendo game that's bringing big cash.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" co-writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daleyare in talks to direct an upcoming “Dungeons & Dragons” movie. The duo is replacing Chris McKay, who went to work on another project.

Goldstein and Daley have already directed “Game Night," so they’re used to the genre.

The Paramount film will be one of the first projects for AllSpark Pictures, a Hasbro company. The movie is expected in theaters November 21, 2021.

Item two:

A man is expected to get around 10-thousand-dollars at auction for an unopened copy of a classic video game. While looking through the attic of his childhood home in Reno, Nevada Scott Amos found a sealed copy of 1987's Kid Icarus, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not only was it sealed, but it was stil lin the J.C. Penney bag with the receipt. That’s as “new in box” as it comes.

Amos thought it might be worth a couple hundred dollars, but after checking with experts, he learned there are fewer than ten known sealed copies of the game. Amos and his family figure the game was placed in the attic a little before Christmas 1988 but then forgotten.

The auction closes today and he plans on splitting the proceeds with his sister.

I had not heard of "Kid Icarus." I suppose having a "Legend Of Zelda" game is less valuable......

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