Internet Enraged Because Math Problem Has Different Answers

Take a look at the above math problem posted on Twitter.

It is causing all types of confusion on the Internet after going viral.

On Twitter, the math equation "8÷2(2+2)" popped up looking to be solved, and garnering various answers. That's apparently because depending on where in the world you were taught math, you might attempt to solve the problem differently than someone else.

There is the PEMDAS method leading to the number one or the BODMAS method leading to an answer of 16. A spokesperson from the American Mathematical Society says the equation is written ambiguously. The author of the post was getting slammed from all kinds of academic experts over the “poorly written” equation.

Adding to that, one Twitter user says both answers can be correct because "the notation of the equation is incorrect." That’s the consensus.

My answer? 16. I saw the equation and divided eight by two then multiplied by 4.

What's your answer? How did you solve it?

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