Does A Vegan Diet Boost Cancer Treatments?

I enjoy talking about how nutrition impacts our health on the show. Just this week, I told Van & Bonnie that the reason that Mick Jagger can still tour with the Stones is that he takes such good care of himself (Keith Richards is pickled, but that's another story). Also on my show this week, I featured a specialist in sleep apnea discussing how your diet can impact your sleep.

Now this amazing assertion: a vegan diet may boost cancer treatments.

The diet may make radiation and chemo more effective, and here’s why. Researchers found that the amino acid methionine, which affects metabolism may help cancer grow. It’s found in meat, fish, and dairy and when you take it out of your diet, the study showed cancer slows down.

Then, add the chemo drug 5-fluorouracil and the spread is stopped in its tracks. Low-methionine foods include fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and beans — in other words, a vegan diet favored by celebs such as Natalie Portman and Ariana Grande.

The head shaking fact is this study is coming 40 years after a paper was published stating cancer had “absolute methionine dependency.”

Source: New York Post

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