Backfiring Bike Causes Panic In New York City

On Tuesday's show, I explored the reasons why Americans focus on single incidents of mass shootings when there are so many gun deaths in our big cities every weekend. Two of my guests told me that it was because the scenes of THESE shootings were places that Americans gather all the time: a Wal-Mart (full of back-to-school shoppers) and a busy nightclub district. Many of my friends are expressing reservations about attending public events.

Even a city that has see unspeakable violence - New York City - is on edge these days.

Several people called 911 Tuesday night because they heard sharp shot-like noises in Times Square. A few people had minor injuries, but later refused to be treated, as a large group of people fled the scene in a panic after hearing the sounds. It happened around 10 pm, which means the area was packed with people.

Cops say the noise was created by a motorcycle backfiring, and there was never a threat to safety. Times Square is one of the most heavily policed areas in the country.

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