The best stories so far at the State Fair

Talk about creativity, do you know how to combine GPS technology, seed corn and a hot air balloon into a marriage proposal?

Well, just ask Aaron Adam from Richland. He had this precision map drawn up for his corn planter:

So he covered the field twice, with one variety outside of the letters and a different variety to fill inside the letters with different color tassels. The hot air balloon ride was actually Shelby Chapman's idea, and as you saw earlier once she saw Aaron's creativity she did say yes:

It's also Century and Heritage Farm Day inside the livestock pavillion:

332 Century Farms and 153 Heritage Farms are being recognized:

So much rich, family history and so much to be proud of:

One of the honorees, Kriss Lightner and his family, came by to spend some time with us at the Crystal Studios:

It was good to see our friends from the Iowa Sheep Industry Association as they brought by their popular and very tasty Greek Pita Sandwich:

One of the most talked about new foods is from our buddies at the Iowa Egg Council and the Iowa Poultry Association, the delicious deep fat fried deviled egg:

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