Look who came to say hi to us!

It's always a good day when Ambassador Branstad stops to say hi:

As well as Mr. Cookie's himself Speed Herrig:

It's Iowa Corn Day at the Fair, complete with a big bags game:

See, we told you it's big, just like The Big Show:

Of course, the bags are full of corn:

It's a great opportunity for farmers to have conversations with non-food and fuel producers and sign a big banner that will be passed along to our elected representatives:

They also have a really cool scavenger hunt where people take selfies at five different locations on the fairgrounds and post them to social media under #corngrowsia.

It's also Fair to Table Day:

100 farmers and 400 non-food and fuel producers will sit down to lunch in the Pavillion as we tell our story:

Each person also gets to take home a book with recipes from Iowa farmers, who's biographies are also included:

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