Guy Lugs Life-Sized Doll Through Kansas City And Folks Freak Out

On Monday, Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek was on my show and reemphasized that people should never be afraid to call police when they see something strange. Some people don't call for fear of wasting the time of law enforcement and being embarrassed.

The good news is, “if you see something, say something” seems to be working.

Yesterday morning, Kansas City’s 911 system was flooded with calls of reports of a man “carrying a topless unconscious woman” through the city streets. One caller said it looked like he “wanted to throw her over a bridge.” Another said he “dropped her on the sidewalk and drug her head over a curb.” Others reported the man had slung “the woman” over his shoulder and appeared to be trying to dress her.

Indeed, there was a man walking in the area, but the “woman” turned out to be a life-size doll. At least that’s what the several officers that responded to the chaos discovered. The man explained he found his new companion in a dumpster.

Police, at a loss, asked the man to stop carrying her around in public.

Yes, it's a weird story, but also a GOOD story - if you see something, say something. Meanwhile, see the Kansas City police tweet about the incident above.

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