Police say Iowa man flipping off slower driver crashes, totals his own car

Photo WHO-TV 13

CARROLL, Iowa - An Iowa man flipping off a slower driver totals his own car in a case of road rage, according to a Carroll, Iowa police report. 

Officers say the man was passing the slower car, giving the other driver the middle finger, when he lost control, flew off Highway 30, hit an electric pole, and rolled his car.  

Tow truck driver Cliff Barnhart says the man had to be helped getting out of his wrecked car by emergency responders, and was still mad after the crash. 

"I was shocked when they said he was doing what he was doing." Barnhart tells WHO-TV 13. "I thought it was just a distracted driver. It was an angry driver."

Police say charges against 23-year-old Jamie Jo Francis Theulen are pending.  

Photo WHO-TV 13


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