Americans Want Pumpkin Spice Year-Round

I've made no secret of my love for pumpkin spice and I often provide pumpkin spice updates for listeners. For those that inevitably challenge my manhood, please read the new book by Kevin Williamson entitled, "The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking In The Age Of Mob Politics."

I've even been asked to create a Pumpkin Spice Playlist for the iHeartRadio app - I'm taking suggestions on the Need To Know With Jeff Angelo Facebook page.

Turns out, my pumpkin spice love is shared by MANY.

Despite it still being summer, Starbucks plans to bring back the Pumpkin Spice Latte on Tuesday, while Dunkin’ has already brought back their Pumpkin Spice menu.

While that may seem ridiculously early, a lot of people are perfectly find with it. In fact, it seems most folks would rather the PSL never go away, with a new survey finding that 79% of people say they’d be willing to sign a petition to have pumpkin spice flavor available all year. 

Coffee is by far folks’ favorite pumpkin spice item, with 77% of people saying it’s their fave, but coffee certainly isn’t the only pumpkin flavored thing out there.Other pumpkin-spice flavor favorites include:

  • Cookies (46%)
  • Cereal (45%)
  • Marshmallows (40%)
  • Donuts (37%)
  • Yogurt (34%)
  • Cream cheese (34%)
  • Coffee creamer (33%)
  • Tea (30%)

So, how much do people really love pumpkin spice? Well, 41% of people say they’d be willing to stand in line at DMV once a month if it meant enjoying pumpkin spice for life, while 35% would be willing to name their child “Pumpkin Spice” and 30% would sit in traffic two hours every day.

Me? Well, this might surprise you, but I wouldn't be in favor of having it year-round. It's a flavor that should MEAN fall weather. And, if you make it available year-round, it eliminates how special it is! That's why we don't have Christmas every month or the Iowa State Fair multiple times per year.

Source:SWNS Digital

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