Prison Workers Aren't Talking About Jeffrey Epstein's Suicide

I was broadcasting from the Iowa State Fair when the news broke that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide in prison. The timing gave me the chance to walk around the fairgrounds and get reaction from Iowans.

Even though SOME in the national media were chiding us to stay away from conspiracy theories, EVERY fairgoer told me that the fact that Epstein had damaging info on rich and powerful men led them to believe he had been murdered.

This story won't stop that talk.

Subpoenas are being sought for prison workers in New York City where Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his cell.

The subpoenas are needed as some of the workers on-duty at the time of Epstein's suicide are not being cooperative. They are declining requests for interviews and are retaining attorneys. Attorney General William Barr mentioned the impasse Wednesday, saying: "Unfortunately, there have been some delays because a number of the witnesses were not cooperative."

The Justice Department is reportedly looking into whether two prison guards were asleep on the job at the federal detention center when the accused sex trafficker took his life August 10th.

The guards who were assigned to watch the disgraced financier have since been placed on leave.

To be fair, the ULTIMATE story may be incompetence at the prison. But suspicions remain.

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