Halloween Costumes For Your Guinea Pig Are Here...And Adorable!

Often when Boo and I are shopping over the weekend, we'll head to the store with specific items to buy in mind AND end up with MUCH MORE stuff. Our running joke is, "I didn't know I NEEDED this stuff until I saw it!" And that's the way I feel about guinea pig Halloween costumes. I saw the above pictures and agree THEY ARE ADORABLE.

Pet Smart is selling these Halloween costumes. Starting at about four-dollars, the costumes range from bumble bees to sharks and super heroes and mermaids.

If you’ve never thought of dressing up your guinea pig, neither have most people, until now. Reviewers are eating it up, saying “I absolutely love this costume I bought for my piggy Loki. I really like how these costumes seem to fit the more, let’s just say, voluptuous frames of my boys! A great find!”

I want one and I don't have a guinea pig. Will anyone let me borrow their guinea pig just for Halloween????

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