A Dairy Queen Had To Assure Folks It's Not Using "Human Meat"

On today's show, I am talking about the introduction of meat-less chicken by KFC, following announcements of meatless burgers by Burger King and White Castle. It's part of a bigger conversation that I am having with listeners about whether animal agriculture is losing the respect of American consumers.

All that aside, I DID NOT expect to coming across THIS story.

A Dairy Queen in Greenwood, South Carolina is denying that their burgers are made of "human meat."

The fast food corporation sent out a tweet saying as much in response to questions over the internet. Someone complained that a burger there was made of "human meat," prompting a visit from a corporate inspector and social media got wind of it and an FBI visit.

Restaurant manager Saif Momin said state officials, the FBI and Homeland Security all made a visit to the restaurant, but clarified that they were investigating an unlicensed money transfer business. No one at the DQ was charged or arrested, by the way.

Dairy Queen has assured the public that their burgers are 100-percent beef with "no additives or fillers." that hasn’t satisfied anyone, so a local paper asked the Greenwood County coroner, Sonny Cox, to weigh in. He said it was an absurd notion and the DQ would’ve been found out.

Now about that restaurant down the street called Soylent Green...

Source:Mental Floss

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