Iowa Corn Growers Summit delegates angry at RFS damage

Today, at the Iowa Corn Growers Association’s (ICGA) Annual Grassroots Summit ICGA delegates and members rallied to "express their anger" and are calling for the Trump Administration to "make it right by following the law and upholding the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)."

They are upset about the most recent batch of 31 small refinery waivers as they believe it kills the demand for corn. On top of the RFS not being upheld, trade wars and uncertain weather from Mother Nature, farmers are seeing the value of their crop continue to fall as harvest approaches. Of course farm income has been cut in half since 2012 and many believe farmers cannot take any more financial hits because their livelihoods and futures depend on it.

“Agriculture is in a bad situation right now. The government put us in this situation, and they need to help us get out of it,” stated Vic Miller a corn farmer from Fayette County. “It’s time for President Trump to make rural America and the RFS great again. He made promises to American farmers and now it’s time for him to keep them.”

The association issuing a call to action, asking folks to "stand up for your farm and family by telling the Trump Administration to stop gutting the RFS and to make it right for corn farmers. We need a solution for the sake of rural America. Click here to submit a letter to the President. Submit your comments before the August 30 deadline."

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