New Marshalltown public safety building to open to public this week

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- The police and fire departments in Marshalltown are movin' on up, to a brand new public safety building.

"It's a good feeling for everybody who lives here," Marshalltown mayor Joel Greer told WHO TV-13. "To know the people who are watching over them are in a nice safe place...and if they need to come here they'll be in a nice safe place as well."

The $17.5 million-dollar building has been under construction since the summer of 2017. It's got more room and new facilities for both the police and fire departments.

"We're gonna get out money's worth out of it," said Police Chief Michael Tupper. He says the building is something the community can be proud of. Tupper says they'll now have a secure facility to detain and interview people who have been arrested, state of the art evidence storage areas, and a safe room for anyone in trouble to lock themselves in and call 911.

Both departments have already begun moving into the building, it will open to the public later this week.

Photo courtesy of WHO TV-13

Marshalltown Police and Fire building

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