Police say morning shooting wasn't random, was a domestic incident

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A man was shot near the Iowa State Capitol this morning, he told police he had been randomly targeted, but police say things weren't quite as they seemed.

"What we've learned over the past couple of hours is that this is the result of a domestic dispute," says Sergeant Paul Parizek. "The actual shooting victim is believed to have assaulted his female companion, and she defended herself by shooting him in the leg."

The man was shot around eight o'clock this morning in the 1400 block of Capitol Avenue. Police say the investigation is still going on, and charges haven't been filed yet.

"It's very likely that the actual shooting victim will be charged in this case, and also very likely that the young lady who shot him will be cleared for self defense," Parizek said.

A nearby elementary school was briefly put on lock-down this morning, but police say there was never a suspect on the loose or a threat to the community.

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