The Best Drivers In The Country On In These Cities

What do you think of Iowa drivers? Compared to drivers in other states, I think they are PRETTY safe. My only complaint is that Iowans sometimes drive (especially in parking lots) like there is NOBODY else on the road.

In my home state of Missouri, the highway driver is a nightmare: drivers go very slow in the right lane, and too fast in the left lane - so when you try to pass, someone is ALWAYS on your bumper.

In Illinois, the drivers ALL act as if they are in a NASCAR race - except they don't draft, they bob and weave until they finally cause an accident.

Allstate Insurance looked at claims across the top 200 cities in the country to determine which cities have the safest drivers, taking into account population density. Topping the list this year Boise, Idaho, where travelers go on average 13.65-years between collisions, which is much better than the national average of 10.57 years.

Top Ten Safest Driving Cities

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  1. Boise, ID
  2. Brownsville, TX
  3. Laredo, TX
  4. Fort Collins, CO
  5. Madison, WI
  6. Olathe, KS
  7. Overland Park, KS
  8. McCallen, TX
  9. Cary, NC
  10. Miami, FL

An Iowa city did NOT make the top ten list. Why do you think that is?

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