The Best Time To Book That Holiday Trip

I am just about to jet to Rome for a vacation with WHO listeners, but I am also happily planning a holiday trip with family. This cooler Iowa weather might have YOU in the mood to plan a trip. Here's some strategies you can employ.

Expedia just released their tips for the best time to book your holiday vacation, so if you’re planning a getaway you may want to listen up.

If you’re headed home, or just away, for Thanksgiving, you’d think you’d want to book early, but Expedia says you’ll get the cheapest flights booking between October 29th and November 13th, which can save about 20%. They also note that the best time to fly for the cheapest deal is on Thanksgiving Day, where travelers paid about $100 less than other days.

For Christmas, the best time to book is between November 23rd and December 9th, which saves travelers about 15%. The cheapest day to fly is Christmas Eve, which saves folks $100 compared to traveling the Saturday before the holiday. And watch out for December 21st, which is predicted to be the busiest travel day leading up to the holiday.

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