HOW To Eat Your Favorite Food

I love to talk about food, because eating tasty food is SUCH a pleasurable experience and I get to eat a LOT of good food, being a downtown Des Moines resident. But did you know there are certain "food hacks" that will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods EVEN MORE?

BuzzFeed asked their Community to share their favorite food hacks and their responses may make you want to tweak the way you eat some of your favorites.

  • Pringles are only seasoned on one side - the top, so eat them upside-down to get the maximum flavor on your tastebuds.
  • Squeeze a lemon on top of any kind of pizza “for extra flavor and freshness.”
  • Freezing gummy bears and grapes turns them into “mini popsicles.”
  • Nacho cheese is the condiment you never knew your hot dog needed.
  • Make a DIY calzone by letting your frozen pizza thaw a little, then fold it in half and bake.
  • Eating a burger upside down will keep the ingredients from falling out when you bite into it.
  • Butter a bagel first and let it melt before putting cream cheese or other spreads on it.
  • Dry cereal makes the best ice cream topping.
  • Instead of putting salt and pepper on your fries, season the ketchup.


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