Iowa leaf color change is a week delayed

DES MOINES, Iowa - Northeast Iowa is the place to be this weekend for prime fall leaf color viewing.

"North and east of (the) Waterloo area, Dubuque area--that area of the state is seeing some pretty good fall color." Says Iowa State Forester Jeff Goernt.

"Fall color should be peaking this weekend and even into next week" says Goernt

A warm, wet autumn has not only delayed the fall leaf color change across the state by about a week, but it's also muting those colors.

"When you have wetter and cloudier days the chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down slower, and that lends itself to duller colors." Goernt says.

He says Central Iowa's peak colors should happen in a week or two.

Fall colors map by KCRG-TV 9 Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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