Iowa legislature introduces constitutional amendment against abortion

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Republican led Iowa legislature has introduced a resolution declaring that there is no right to an abortion under the Iowa Constitution.

The proposal that cleared a Senate committee Thursday is a response to a 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision that found a fundamental right to abortion in the state constitution.

Governor Kim Reynolds said she would support the legislation in her Condition of the State Address Tuesday.

The resolution is a constitutional amendment that will require passage in the Iowa House and Senate this year, and in one of the next two years.

The abortion resolution is sure to be one of the most contentious pieces of legislation in the current legislative session that is still in its first week.

Supporters contend it would reel in improper judicial activism, while opponents say it would harm women.

Republican Governor Reynolds and her predecessor, Terry Branstad, have signed a number bills to limit abortion access in Iowa. Most of them have been deemed unconstitutional after being challenged in court.

The current resolution comes after the 5-2 decision by the state high court in 2018 that struck down a 72-hour waiting period for abortions.

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