Chaos and Disarray Cause Delay in Iowa Democratic Caucus Results

(Image courtesy of WHO TV)

DES MOINES, Iowa - There are still no results from Monday's Iowa Democratic caucus, the first contest of the 2020 primary campaign. 

Results still aren't in from Monday's first-in-the-nation vote in the 2020 election. The campaigns have been told by the Iowa Democratic Party that results won't be released until later in the day on Tuesday.

Chaos and disarray paralyzed the process after the state party announced it had found "inconsistencies" in reporting the results. 

Not only did a reporting app fail, but so did the phone reporting system. Elections officials across the state are turning to paper backups and in some cases, pictures of results. 

All of the candidates ended up giving speeches Monday night, just not the ones they had planned. For many, it's off to New Hampshire where the next primary is a week from today.

Some of the chaos with the caucus was carried on live TV. 

The chairman of a precinct in Story County was hung up on by a Democratic National Committee official while he was trying to report results. 

The moment was captured on CNN when Shawn Sebastian said he had been on hold for more than an hour before someone finally picked up. The call didn't last long. Sebastian said it got disconnected. 

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