Buttigieg by slight margin with 100% of Iowa caucus results reported

DES MOINES, Iowa - Pete Buttigieg has a slight lead over Bernie Sanders with 100 percent of the precincts reporting results in the Iowa caucuses.

Buttigieg has 564 state delegate equivalents while Sanders has 562.

Elizabeth Warren comes in at third with 387, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 341 and Amy Klobuchar at 264. Check out full results here.

The results are so close that the Associated Press said it could not declare a winner in Iowa.

A.P. also said that it considered the results incomplete because there was evidence the Iowa party failled to accurately formulate some of its results.

Meanwhile, Democratic National committee Chairman Tom Perez backtracked after tweeting "enough is enough" and calling for a re-canvas in Iowa.

Perez later said only precincts with reported problems should be re-examined.

His initial demand came after the state Democratic Party had corrected more than a thousands Bernie Sanders caucus votes that were given to another candidate by mistake.

The state party said it would carry out a re-canvass only if a campaign asked for one. None of the candidates did so.

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