Multi-State Counterfeit Forgery Suspects Arrested In Nebraska

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nebraska - Douglas County Sheriff's deputies made three arrests in connection to local and regional crimes that include felony forgery and possession of stolen forged instruments.

On Thursday, February 6th, deputies agreed to meet the three men as part of an undercover sting operation. A cooperating witness told deputies of the check fraud/kiting scam being run by the three suspects who deposited manufactured business checks into the accounts of local teenagers that were obtained through social media.

At that meeting, deputies searched the suspect's vehicle and found evidence of communication with the cooperating witness and suspected forged instruments.

26 year old Terrell Taylor, 24 year old Darryl Vance Jr. and 24 year old Darien Clifton were each in possession of large amounts of money, credit cards issued to other persons and the forged instruments.

Deputies also searched their hotel room and found evidence they had traveled to Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Arizona. Stolen checks, credit cards and check manufacturing paraphernalia were linked to local and regional business victims. Their losses averaged $10,000 each. The losses to a victim in Omaha were in excess of $25,000.

Taylor was booked for Forgery, Theft by Deception, Financial Transaction Device Possession, two or more, and Criminal Conspiracy.

Vance was booked for Forgery, Theft by Deception, and Criminal Conspiracy.

Clifton was booked for Forgery, $5,000 or more, Theft by Deception, $5,000 or more, Financial Transaction Device Possession, four or more, and Criminal Conspiracy.

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