New cat hoarding case stretches ARL resources

DES MOINES, Iowa -- This week's discovery of another cat hoarding case is pushing the Animal Rescue League's already cramped conditions.

Seventy-four cats and kittens were taken out of a home in the 2600 block of 51st Street in Des Moines.

"An additional 74 coming in at one time really has impacted us tremendously. It just seemed like in 2019 we had so many cats brought in from hoarding situations, and we're starting off 2020 that way as well" says ARL Director Tom Colvin.

He says the sudden increase in their cat population has increased their need for supplies.

"We use clay litter, and as you can imagine we're going through and awful lot--nearly a palette a day. Food as well--good, nutritious adult and kitten food is very, very much needed" he says.

Colvin says they're also taking cash donations to help cover the medical costs for the cats.

For more information, visit the ARL's website.

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