Des Moines Gang Member gets Federal Sentence

DES MOINES, Iowa - The U.S.Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa has announced the sentencing of a Des Moines based gang member.

22-year-old Xzavier Clark, who is associated with the C-Block street gang was given a 10-year sentence by a federal judge yesterday for being a drug user in possession of a fire arm.

U.S. Attorney Marc Krickbaum said the streets of Des Moines are safer today, and will be safer for the next 10 years because Clark is in prison.

The federal court found Clark to be responsible for a drive-by shooting that injured a person in their front yard last June.

Des Moines Police recovered a gun Clark threw from a car during high speed chase a month later and, linked the firearm to him.

Ten years is the maximum sentence available for the offense Clark was convicted of.

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